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Ajinomoto do Brasil donates R$ 1.7 million for the fight against Covid-19 10/09/2020
Measures against Covid-19 includes the donation of R$ 1.7 million to hospitals, R$ 70,000 in support to waste collectors, booklets distribution for Haitian immigrants, among others 
São Paulo, June 2020 – Ajinomoto do Brasil, producer of food and amino acids, highlights new measures to undermine the impacts of Covid-19. The Japanese multinational has started the donation of more than 20 tons of products to families in situation of social vulnerability, in addition to adapting production lines for the production of 32,000 liters of alcohol, liquid and gel.
Products donation
Products like SAZÓN® and SABOR A MI® seasonings, VONO® instant soups and MID® instant powder juice will be part of essential basket food that will be delivered to 24,000 families in situation of social vulnerability in the state of São Paulo. The products provided by Ajinomoto do Brasil sum 28 tons and will complement the essential basket food that eight partner institutions will donate to residents of communities such as Capão Redondo, Heliópolis, Parelheiros, among others, located in the capital of São Paulo, over two months.
Among the benefited organizations are Prato Cheio Association, Casa do Zezinho, Habitat Brasil and Vivenda da Criança. Other institutions were also contemplated on the surroundings of Ajinomoto do Brasil factories, in the cities of Limeira, Laranjal Paulista, Valparaíso and Pederneiras. Together, the institutions will serve 24,000 families.
“We are living in a moment that requires support and attention from companies, especially to the communities in social vulnerability. Keeping a balanced food habit is essential for health and survival of the society, so we're offering the best we have to these families, which are products that aggregates more taste and easiness to prepare meals", says Tatsuya Sasaki, president of Ajinomoto do Brasil. 
Production of alcohol
The company has also adapted production lines at its factories in Limeira and Valparaíso, in the interior of São Paulo, to manufacture 32,000 liters of 70% alcohol, in liquid and gel versions, which will be delivery for employees, social institutions, as well as public hospitals in São Paulo and regions close to its units.
The formulations of alcohol gel include the addition of AJIDEW® NL 50, a natural humectant produced by Ajinomoto that helps in skin hydration, which is so badly damaged at the moment due to the use of sanitizers, alcohols and soaps.
“Ajinomoto do Brasil is committed to taking care of society as a whole, especially employees and communities around its factories. We are constantly studying new ways to collaborate during this period and, with everyone's support, we hope that the situation improves as soon as possible”, completes the executive. 
Other initiatives against Covid-19
Donation of R$ 1.7 million to public hospitals in the state of São Paulo. Funds were invested on the purchase of medicines, medical equipment and protection items for health professionals, among others. Benefited institutions: Americana (SP) temporary hospital, Emilio Ribas Institute, São Paulo Hospital, Bauru State Hospital and four Santa Casa units, from Laranjal Paulista, Limeira, Valparaíso and Pederneiras. This initiative was carried out through Instituto Ajinomoto, the company's social organization;
Investment of R$ 70,000 on Reciclar pelo Brasil platform, which receives support from several companies in activities related to the reverse logistics of packaging for selective collection and recycling. During the pandemic period, the program will distribute a total amount of R$ 5 million to 167 cooperatives across the country, guaranteeing income to approximately 4 thousand recyclable material collectors during two months. The project is part of the National Solidarity Campaign for Waste Pickers (www.solidariedadeaoscatadores.com.br); 
Donation of 2,000 essential food kits to Vivenda da Criança, located in the community of Parelheiros, considered one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in São Paulo, according to the 2019 Inequality Map;
Distribution of booklets in Creole language for Haitian immigrants with tips and information of prevention against Covid-19. The social action was performed in partnership with the Municipality of Laranjal Paulista, through the group of Social Promotion and Housing Policy, which also distributed hand sanitizers and protective masks;
Donation of R$ 15,000 to organizations around the factories and the office for the purchase of hygiene and cleaning products, as well as food. The products were purchased from suppliers from the cities where the institutions are located to strengthen local businesses;
Crowdfunding campaign with volunteers from Instituto Ajinomoto. Online fundraising will benefit five partner organizations from the capital and cities where the company operates with its factories; 
Extension of sponsorship for the athletes who are part of Team Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto do Brasil has extended the support to the group until the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games cycle, which were postponed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and will be held next year in Tokyo, Japan.
For more information on the measures adopted by Ajinomoto do Brail during the pandemic period of Covid-19, see: www.ajinomoto.com.br/corona-virus 


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